The Dog That Didn’t Bark

If you’re like me, there’s no way you thought the election mechanics this year would go so smoothly (going to pretend Nevada doesn’t exist.) Most states increased their absentee/vote by mail participation exponentially. The primaries held after Covid began were a clusterf*ck. And that’s a kind description. There were concerns about access to drop boxes. […]

Georgia on Everyone’s Mind

In yesterday’s post, I did some quick calculating on the Senate and the Democrats odds of reaching a 50/50 tie that would make Kamala Harris the tiebreaker and have Chuck Schumer replace Mitch McConnell as Majority Leader. I was correct that the only path involved both Georgia contests reaching a run-off and the Democrat winning […]

So…..What Now?

Hi! How you all doing? In case you aren’t sure what happened yesterday, Joe Biden won. No, this won’t be official for a couple of days. Yes, there will be controversy for a couple of weeks at a minimum. But we’re done here. Biden will win Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Combined with the Second […]


As I was getting ready to work on a post about Indiana or Louisiana (hadn’t figured out which), the news about the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg reached the world. Suddenly, trying to sort out why FDR and the election of 1932 pushed Indiana from purple to red wasn’t urgent. It’s always a big deal […]

Where We’re At

Once upon a time, Labor Day was the official kickoff of the General Election campaign. Candidates would rest up and prep after their conventions, followed by a two month sprint. That sort of calendar is long in the past. Joe Biden won’t be addressing a large Labor Day crowd in Detroit at Cadillac Square, as […]

A Statement of Intent

If you aren’t Black and the past couple weeks haven’t made you think, at least a bit, about what your responsibilities as a human and an American citizen are, then I’d question what will. I’m at least as guilty as millions of others of keeping my thoughts to myself. In my writing, in my interactions […]